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French kiss – increasingly popular and in demand

For a long time, a French kiss was something very intimate for many models. Even today, many escorts do not agree with French kisses and do not want to share them with any customer. Over time, attitudes changed so that a French kiss is now increasingly part of the service. 

Most intimate experiences through French kisses with our models

The kissing people open their mouths during the French kiss. They explore the other person's mouth with their tongue. The kisses can make your stomach tingle and are therefore one of the most erotic games. During foreplay, both partners attach great importance to French kissing. Of course, it benefits from the lovemaking that follows. It's ideal for getting in the mood. Because an intense French kiss ensures that happiness hormones are released.

Some French kisses are more than just a kiss. This includes the first probing with the tongue but also a gentle licking of the neck or lips with the tip of the tongue. 

In our escort service also French kisses

French kisses are an erotic beginning for both the customer and the escort lady. That's why you can also find these in our ladies' service. Our models have different preferences - whether passionate, wild or more romantic.