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“French” sex or oral satisfaction is probably every man’s greatest pleasure. This involves oral satisfaction of the partner with the mouth or with the tongue and lips. Oral lovemaking is also very trendy in our escort service. Both men and women enjoy this act and enjoy being pampered orally. It doesn't matter whether you're practicing or enjoying it, whether it's a couple or a threesome - French sex is one of the absolute hits in the bedroom. 

Our escorts have a certain amount of know-how and know exactly how to satisfy men orally. In order to ensure an unforgettable experience, the ladies are happy to accommodate all personal ideas and wishes. 

Particularly erotic moments with sex in French

The focus of French sex is pure pampering. On the one hand, this also stimulates the sense of taste. On the other hand, it is one of the most intimate forms of sexual intercourse. There are no limits to your imagination with this sexual practice. Anything you like is allowed - gentle bites, tender kisses, playing with your tongue, licking or sucking. French sex ensures fun and pleasure anywhere - whether sitting, standing or lying down. You can also enjoy it alone or as a couple. In this sense, it is optimal for practicing in the well-known position 69. This makes it possible to pamper yourself together at the same time or to reach climax together. Tender caresses on the erogenous zones provide even more pleasure.

Oral satisfaction from our escorts

Having fun with what you do is the top priority for our models. Of central importance is not only pampering your own desire, but also your partner from A to Z. 

It can't be an easy thing to find someone in everyday life who can master French sex and still enjoy it. Therefore, by booking our skillful escorts, you can experience a top-class erotic experience. Because our ladies are dedicated to oral satisfaction so that you can enjoy every moment.